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Better services, Attention on Details, Quality Control and Surprisingly Prices are We After.

FENGYI STONE selected all natural slate stone deposits mined in the hundreds of millions of years ago, hard, sharp color quality, high flexural bending strength and good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. For green building materials, compared with the granite and marble in texture and color, and to maintain the natural characteristics of the style of the original stone, giving the feeling of returning to nature, but also because of its non-radiation, to the pursuit of green purpose products are widely used in buildings, villas, gardens, courtyards, home, it demonstrated the effect of ancient and modern co-exist, the combination of the rough and elegant overall effect reflects the personality and taste of the user.


FENGYI STONE located in Northern China which is a most potential international supplier of Architectural Stone Products. We’re professional manufacturer in providing natural stone items which are ideally suited for all residential and commercial applications and our material covers natural slate, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, granite, basalt, travertine, etc.


FENGYI STONE provides natural stone products from “Quarry to Delivery” which including Modular Panel System, Random Loosing Veneer, Modular Pattern Tiles, Interlocking Pavemats, Cobble Stone, Foot Stepping Stone , Pool Coping , and so on. Besides, we are enriching our item lines as well as adding new materials and products with professional designers.


Our goal and all efforts focus on offering high quality products with the most competitive prices. To the clients, that means more natural deco effect, faster installation, and all cost/energy saving. We also keep eyes on details to back up our services : Order Tracking System, Streamline QC System, Real-Time Quotation System, and Clients Feedback Services.


FENGYI STONE is your trustworthy cooperator and partner, let’s move the Rock.